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    ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

      Uses: WinXP Pro+sp3; Oracle 8i Client; Borland Delphi; BDE; Oracle 10g Express Edition; SQL Navigator 4;

      Earlier I had installed Oracle 8i Client which I connect to a Remote Oracle 9i Server via BDE(Borland Database Engine),ADO & ODBC and didnt have any issues in connecting at all till I installed Oracle 10g express Edition.

      I browsed several for questions listed in the forum, but my scenario was totally different and none of them really helped me so decided to write to the forum expecting a solution from the Oracle Geeks in it.

      The notable things are I can login via SQL Navigator & SQL Plus provided by Oracle 8i Client without a hassle, but cannot login through my Borland Delphi Application via ADO,ODBC & BDE where it gives the error:

      *{color:#ff0000}ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified.{color}*

      I think something have changed after the installation of Oracle 10g Express. I checked the 'C:\' where I get 2 folders namely ORANT and ORACLEXE. The ORANT got tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora and simililary ORACLEXE got the same things plus listner.ora file.

      Any Guidence Or Help in recovering would be greatly appreciated at this moment.

      THanks & Regards,