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    Never see the sessionExpired method of SipApplicationSessionListener fire.


      I'm looking for more information about session expiration of a Sip Application Session.

      I have an implementation of a SipApplicationSessionListener that I want to trap session expirations with.

      console defines: Maximum Application Session Lifetime: 2

      The timeout in the sip.xml is set as follows:


      I just set it this way to test expirations - in the future i expect the timeout to be a greater value.

      I also placed print statements in the sessionDestroyed and sessionCreated methods.

      Both the destroyed and created get called.

      However, for what ever reason, I never get a session expiration. Is there additional configurations that control the sip application session expiration?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Perhaps your SipApplicationSession is getting invalidated before it expires.

          There are two ways it could be invalidated:

          (1) Your application explicitly invalidates it.

          If this is the case, try a call flow that takes longer than two minutes before your code calls appSession.invalidate();

          (2) The "Invalidate When Ready" mechanism is enabled and the conditions are satisfied for invalidation. See section of JSR-289. By default, this mechanism is enabled for JSR-289 applications.

          If this is the case, then try appSession.setInvalidateWhenReady(false);