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    jsp template wizard missing?


      jdev prev4

      I found in "Help" that a JSP template wizard is available ( file extension .jjt) BUT I cannot find that template in the "new->all technologies->web tier->jsp"
      I would like to know if that template has been removed in 11g or where is it located.

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          I am not aware of a JSP template wizard, just a JSF template wizard. This wizard is within the JSF section. For JSP, just choose the JSP option and a dialog guides you

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            Hi again,

            1-The JSP template is defined in jdeveloper prev4->help menu->full text search->"create jsp template wizard - welcome" and look for the same title in the results (mine is the 7th and 8th)

            2-by using the JSF-> new JSF Template wizard, there is no option for JSP (and only JSP), then the result template is in JSF format. I'm not sure, but the JSP template was available in 10g

            Maybe, full JSP support is no longer available in next releases of JDev (I understand that), but it is a pity because if you develop a web application by using Ajax and you have enough knowledge of JSPs, you don't need to know anything of JSFs, no extra files (faces-config), no extra libraries, and so on.