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    OpenLDAP service wont start


      We had a couple of major hard disk failures on server holding my virtual environment, came in this morning and shared services will not start, the cause of this appears to be the OpenLDAP service not starting (as it relies on this).

      When looking in System Event viewer I can see this error :
      The Hyperion S9 OpenLDAP service terminated with service-specific error 21 (0x15).

      There is no error in the Application Event viewer.

      I have reconfigured Shared services twice, the first time it could not delete and reinstall the OpenLDAP and Shared Services services, after a reboot it deleted the Shared Services service and reconfigured, but did not delete the OpenLDAP one, each reconfigure says that it completed successfully but each time the OpenLDAP will not start.

      I was about to launch into a reinstall to see if that helps but thought i might ask the forum first to see if there is anything i have missed.