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        Hey Rowan,

        You were right , at least we can smile :^0
        Rowan wrote:
        this is not funy.
        I think that tomorrow we will be on the same point.
        perhaps PaKo you have the cue, they haven't say the year. Where are all the oracle boys today?
        Hawai ? Las Vegas ? probably they are laughthing of us...

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          From what I saw of the JDeveloper Release at Open World it was pretty much all that. I did not see any of the bugs, artifacts, errrorrs, etc. that I have been seeing with the Technical previews. However, the WebLogic Server insertion has me nervous and I could get no idea from the JDeveloper folks at how well JDeveloper produced applications had been tested with WebLogic, or IAS for that matter. It was as though they were not sure. They told me as long as the application was JEE 5 then it SHOULD be okay! ?:|

          I am excited about the new JDeveloper - no doubt - it has a LOT to offer. Especially if JDeveloper is already your tool of choice! They have really concentrated on making it very Java-centric, and pluggable. If you don't like that then use Eclipse as it is Java-centric and pluggable... err... try .NET instead!

          - beebop
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            ... are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? ...
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              It's called the "perpetual upgrade". At least that's what our middle-tier administrator calls it.
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                Just Waiting!
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                  I think that it's really funny that you can pre-order the "JDeveloper 11g Handbook" from Oracle Press from Amazon.com right now but the publish date isn't EXPECTED until June 29th/July 1st *2009*. Ithink you can go ahead and just order it from eCampus.com. I just wonder if they have started writing it yet?

                  You gotta figure that they have been putting the book together based on the Technical Previews and need the next eight months to revise it for the production release!

                  - beebop
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                    I'm sorry for being impatient, but can someone from JDev team tell us when it's going to happen, or some serious explanation for what's takeing you so java.lang.Long?
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                      Ted Farrell announced it at Oracle Open World. Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

                      Maybe they should have fudged the release date and "surprised" developers if they could actually meet the annouced date of October 1st.

                      This does not paint Oracle or JDeveloper (or Ted Farrell) in a favorable light.

                      - beebop
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                        sigh . . . .
                        Management is waiting based on my report of the Oct. 1 release which I heard at OOW.
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                          I am glad to see the excitement you guys have for this release. We are even more excited to get the software out to you. Since you have all been so patient (minus that last post ;) let me answer some of the questions.

                          - In my keynote I said it would be available "in the next two weeks". We are still in that window.

                          - This version does have WLS integrated in it. We have automatic migration from previous released versions (10g) but do not have automatic migration from the 11g developer previews. That is standard for us. We have lots of documentation and will have great forum support to help you with those apps if you choose to migrate them from the DP's. Most of it is pretty straight forward, but there are some areas that have some bigger differences between OC4J and WLS, like security for one.

                          - I can't tell you the date that it will be out, but it is going to be soon. We were hit with a nasty stress bug in final testing that took some time to track down. It only reproduced after 15 hours of running in an extremely high-volume simulation environment. We have found the issue are are continuing on with the production close down.

                          We really appreciate your patience and are excited to have you get your hands on it and let us know what you think. We are always eager to work constructively with our users to help them and get feedback that we can use to make the products better. If you have any other questions please feel free to post them here or send me an email. The address is my first name dot last name at oracle dot com.


                          Ted Farrell
                          Oracle Corporation
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                            Hello Ted,

                            First of all thank you very much for responding to this thread. We are anxiously waiting and looking to the new JDeveloper 11g production version.

                            Its been great to see JDeveloper 11g MLS demo in your Open World keynote and we know it has lot to offer and its only going to be better in future.

                            Keep it coming :D

                            Once again thanks for responding to this thread.

                            Thank you,
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                              Thank you Ted. I would give you 5pts if I could. It's good to know where John get us with his car :)
                              ... are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? ...
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                                Hello Ted!

                                Thanks a lot for your reply. The future is awaiting this product ;)

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                                  Thanks Ted,
                                  Nothing else to say. We will wait because we can´t do anything else.
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                                    Sascha Herrmann
                                    Ahhh .... this thread made me laugh.

                                    After all that bitching and moaning, and after 58 replies you managed to figure out the obvious. You figured out that "we will wait because we can´t do anything else".

                                    Thanks guys.