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      • 60. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
        John Stegeman
        Sascha ;)

        It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world.

        (for those of you who have seen the movie by that title, remember how it starts... car... cliff.........)

        Happy waiting all!

        • 61. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
          Thanks Mr. Farrell for the update.

          Some of us were obviously misled by the October 1 release date rumor. I don't know how it got started but it has appeared on various tech reporting blogs since Open World! One can only wonder where the release date so specific came from. It is nice to finally have some official clarification. The October 1 release date was NOT your fault. There is always some anticipation and excitement around the release of JDeveloper. Especially after all of the JDeveloper hands on labs were using the production ready version and the the hands on labs particularly featured the exciting new functionality such the Rich Desktop functionality built into JDeveloper now (I think some 150+ components as a rough figure).

          We will continue to wait. I expect some bugginess in the product once it is released. Unfortunately, due to previous experience we (the Oracle Community) have already gotten into a Microsoft mind-set of wait until the first patches have been applied after the product has been released. Open Source does not have this problem (as badly). And Continuous Release Software (Google Analytics for instance) has even less of a bug problem because the bugs themselves can only be incremental.

          I hope that JDeveloper's next release is much more minor (other than the full WebLogic and eBusiness integration) and much sooner than the previous three years!

          Kudos to the JDeveloper team!

          - beebop
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            Frank Nimphius-Oracle

            JDeveloper 11 production is waiting for one remaining bug fix that we found during stress testing in QA.

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              Frank Nimphius-Oracle
              ... since I found a reference to OracleAs in this thread. Keep in mind that JDeveloper 11 applications cannot be deployed to OracleAs 10.1.3 if they contain ADF Faces RC, taskflow or Trinidad sources. These require JSF 1.2, which is not in OracleAs 10.1.3. So we deploy to WebLogic on the Oracle server side and will use Oracle Application Server 11 as soon as it becomes available.

              • 64. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown

                There will be bugs found when JDeveloper is released in the coming weeks. Is there a recommended procedure that we can follow as to reporting those bugs. I know that we can open a tar on OTN but is there a minimum set of information that will make tracking down the problems easier on your end such as JDeveloper 11g (specific version number from the "About JDeveloper", OS JDeveloper is running on, Technology Scope chosen, libraries used, etc.

                We will want to track down and resolve as soon as possible any bugs found (hopefully few) when JDeveloper is first released.


                - beebop
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                  Can we put a static FAQ thread in these forums for items like this. Many developers will want to use the ADF Faces RC but will still be on the current OC4J platform. We can plan for this as long as we know the roadmap for 11g ADF Fusion and an FAQ eould help stop the panic.

                  - beebop
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                    OAS 11g?

                    I thought that the only application server will be WLS.

                    I'm confused...

                    • 67. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                      Yes, I am confused too

                      OAS 11 / WLS 10R3

                      Can somebody please clarify ???

                      I can only hope there will be enough documention available how to deal with this

                      Or may be some kind of devlopement to deployment workflow diagram that makes it very clear which way to go
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                        OAS is the currently supported App Server for Oracle up to BEA (Now Oracle) WebLogic Server will be the officially supported App Server starting with 11g. JDeveloper and prior shipped with a local version built into JDeveloper. 11g will ship with WebLogic built in. However, since JDeveloper created Standard JEE 5 Web Applications you can deploy to any server that supports JEE 5. However, some ADF Faces Rich Client Components offer functionality that is NOT Compatible with OAS (and I would assume JEE 5 though I am not clear on this I was told by JDeveloper representatives at Oracle Open World that as long as the App Server was JEE 5 then it my apps would be fine and apparently this is not true). I have also heard that JDeveloper ADF Faces RC Web Apps will not run correctly under IE6 or earlier (I think it is certified against IE7 and currently testing with IE8 and I am not sure about Firefox 2 which is MY browser of choice).

                        This is why we need a road map from Oracle for migrating from traditional web app design endorsed by Sun using MVC, TO, DAO's , etc. to JSF to ADF Faces to ADF Faces RC Fusion Web Applications.

                        I was also told that Oracle has some training programs in the works which will really help developers come up to speed on ADF Fusion something like Fusion Champion Certification.

                        But we need really long Oracle arms to reach to us poor application developers who are not in a position to take advantage of the latest and greatest because we are not to the point where Oracle is launching from.

                        - beebop
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                          regarding confusion OAS 11g/WLS 10g:
                          First production release of JDev 11g (announced "soon") will NOT support OC4J because OC4J 11g (and OAS 11g) is not available yet. WLS 10gR3 will be supported.
                          There is a second release of JDev 11g announced for "middle 2009". Because at the same time OAS11g will be available too OC4J 11g will be supported too (beside of WLS 10/11g). OC4J won't die but WLS is strategic.

                          supported browsers of soon comming Jdev release will be IE7 (not IE8), FF2+3.

                          • 70. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown

                            Thanks for that clarification. I think. I think the statement "require JSF 1.2" makes sense and OAS 10g does not include that support.

                            It sounds like you are saying that OAS 10g will migrate to 11g and WebLogic 10g (in it's current form) will migrate to 11g in June 2009.

                            Can we assume at that time that both OAS and WebLogic will both support "JSF 1.2"?

                            This also clarifies the statement that as long as the application is JEE 5 then you should be able to deploy as long as the app server supports JEE 5. The framework such as ADF Faces are another issue.

                            - Bradley S. Behrens
                            • 71. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                              Things are getting muddled here and there is a bunch of information that's not quite right.

                              The OC4J application server's last version is 10g which is currently shipping. Everything from 11g on ships on WLS. There is no such thing as OC4J 11. There will be another Fusion middleware 11g release coming that will include the rest of the middleware stack (Webcenter, SOA, etc.) but that will also be on WLS. This first release that you are all waiting so patiently for is JDEV/ADF/Toplink functionality on WLS. We will continue to add support for other application servers (JBoss, Websphere, etc.) but OC4J 10g is not currently one of them.

                              I have asked Frank to clarify his post, but I think he was just trying to give people a heads up about running the new code (11g) on the older app servers (10g). We have tested 11g apps talking to 10g apps (eg. SOA services) using web services and that works fine, but running the ADF 11g stuff on 10g is not supported.

                              Ted Farrell
                              Oracle Corporation

                              Edited by: Ted Farrell on Oct 3, 2008 11:19 AM
                              • 72. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown

                                What you are saying is what I thought I heard at Open World. Unfortunately that approach is just asking for speculation and nervousness from us developers. Can you guys put out a FAQ about JDev 11g? We obvoiusly have questions and are not quite getting it right. It really needs to come from you. I promise that I will not complain or belly-ache about the FAQ (within reason :p) but I think we just want a clear picture of what the next six months looks like for the JDeveloper community.

                                - beebop

                                Edited by: bsbeebop on Oct 3, 2008 11:40 AM
                                • 73. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                                  We have a bunch of information that will go out with the launch of JDEV/ADF 11g. We have a FAQ and I will review it later today to make sure it includes this kind of stuff. To give you some insight:

                                  o JDEV/ADF 11g will be released integrated with WLS. Some pieces of ADF (like the faces pieces for example) can be used on other application servers, including tomcat, etc.

                                  o We will not support building 10g ADF applications in JDeveloper 11g. If you open a 10g application in JDeveloper 11g, we will migrate it to run on the 11g application server. For UI projects that use ADF Faces 10g, these will be migrated to the trinidad components which is what the 10g ADF Faces components turned into.

                                  o We will support building non-ADF, J2EE applications in JDeveloper 11g that can be deployed to a 10g OC4J server. As long as the features of J2EE are supported on the target server, you should be fine. Again, ADF 11g is not supported on a 10g server so we don't allow deployment of an ADF 11g app to a 10g server.

                                  o Sometime in the future, the rest of the 11g Fusion middleware stack will be released. WLS is the target application server for this release. We will refresh JDeveloper and ADF at this time adding some additional functionality that didn't make it into the JDEV/ADF 11g R1 release. Most of that functionality is about supporting the additional middleware pieces.

                                  o We will continue to support 10g/OC4J for a very long time. Customers will not be forced to move off of that platform until they want to, and when they do we will help make that as easy as possible for them with automatic migration scripts and how-to docs, etc.

                                  If you can think of any other questions you would like to see in the FAQ, please let me know and I will make sure they get into it if they are not already.

                                  Ted Farrell
                                  Oracle Corporation
                                  • 74. Re: JDeveloper 11g Countdown
                                    The questions posed in this thread are the kinds of questions I would like to see in the FAQ. I suppose if I just paid attention then I would catch on to those little details like JSF 1.2 support in WebLogic vs. OAS. I hope to see some general FAQ's answered in other areas such as a compatability matrix for JHeadstart. I was not able to attend any of the OOW sessions for JHeadstart so I am in the dark about the R11 release. Can I use JDeveloper to enhance a project generated by JHeadstart 10g/11g.

                                    We will also have more questions as we begin to use the R11.


                                    - Bradley S. Behrens
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