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    Syncing Palm with Outlook 2007

      I have a Palm Treo 755p that I would like to sync with Oracle Calendar. The computer being used has Vista and Office 2007 installed. Palm Desktop 6.2.2 with Hotsync 7.0.2 is also installed. I have found that Oracle Calendar Sync does not work with this setup so I have configured Oracle Connector for Outlook and Hotsync Outlook conduits. I am able to sync this way but have run in to issues with duplicate calendar entries and contacts. I am in a support environment where some customers do not use Outlook but still want to sync to OCAL. I am curious what other people are using and their thoughts on syncing Palm products with OCAL through Vista.
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          If you have a data plan, and don't need outlook, then just get Synthesis Syncml for $22.

          Not sure if the Palm version of the conduits would work with your Treo though. When I had a Palm PDA, they never failed on me. Outlook on the other hand - ugh...