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    oracle database discovery and licensing

      i m into compliance auditing for oracle
      i want to find all oracle apps installed on a box or network mainly nonwindows
      can you please help me on how to find installations of oracle products and apps from the network or server

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          a whole lot of your activities for license compliance depends upon the products deployed and contracts that you signed off with Oracle.

          There are a coupld 3rd party vendors out there that claim that they can identify Oracle deployments that are not validated by Oracle.

          Another source that can help you on the next steps to be compliant is Oracle License Management Services. They do work for different products in order to measure usage and deployment. Find your contact and further details here:


          Read more in the Oracle License Management Interactive Brochure (PDF): http://www.oracle.com/corporate/lms/license-management-services-interactive-brochure.pdf

          Contact http://www.oracle.com/corporate/lms/contact.html

          Further source can be Oracle Support as they continously develope on managing your asset through the Oracle Enterprise Manager for all Oracle products: http://support.oracle.com the key word is Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in relation to the Enterprise Manager (OEM).

          Hope this helps a step further.

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