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    Requisition Lines being combined when AutoCreating PO

      Hi to All,

      We have a situation where we have 2 requisitions, requisition A has 4 lines and requisition B has 2 lines. Now when autocreating the requisitions on one purchase order. Requisition A line 3 gets doubled with the price of Requisition B line 2 price.

      In both these requisitions the lines a have different description but they do have some similar nouns in the description.

      This situation comes up quite often....one out of thousand times.

      The past times that have come up the descriptions were similar but with different amounts. And we know that oracle tries to combine the lines. In this situation in the autocreate we use a manual build.

      Was wondering if this functionality is part of oracle logic or if we have a more serious problem. Has anyone encountered the same issue. If you have how did you handle it.
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          I have faced this kind of issue. By seeded funationality Oracle is trying to Group the Item based on the setup as below and Choose the Price which is Lower.

          Same Item / Description will be combined and the Lowest price will be the Price in the PO for such Items

          In the Autocreate window we have Grouping Field which has 2 values...The explanation for this as below...

          Default: Combine requisition lines for the same item, revision, line type, unit of measure, supplier item number, and transaction reason onto one purchase order line. Combine requisition lines for the same item, revision, supplier item number, and line type onto one RFQ line.
          You can add need-by date or ship-to organization and location to the default grouping by using the profiles PO: Use Need-by Date for Default Autocreate grouping or PO: Use Ship-to Organization and Location for Default Autocreate grouping.

          Requisition: Create document with one line for each requisition line. Used only when you select lines on a single requisition.

          Hope this helps