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    BPA controlled by Quantity

      Hi Gurus,

      EBS Release: 12.0.3

      The customer wanted to have a BPA controlled at Quantity Agreed level instead of Amount Agreed. That is, the Blanket Release should be controlled at the quantity agreed level and so, if the BPA is agreed for 100 numbers, the Blanket Releases can be released only for 100 numbers and should restrict if the user tries to release more than 100 numbers. Current functionality in the system is that it controls at the Amount agreed for a BPA.

      Please help me in getting a solution for this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Prasad

          It is Possible.

          In the BPA...Agreement Tab ...enter the Qty Agreed Field.
          This will not calculate the Amount agreed automatically (since the Price is given for this item)...but will have Control as you expect.

          Check and let me know is this solves your issue.

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            Hi Ravi,

            I am also having the same requirement with the user but if i check the procedure you said the user is still able to release the Quantity more than the agreed quantity.

            Can you please let me know if there is any other setup to be done

            Thanks & Regards
            Ravi Kumar
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              Hi Ravishankar,

              The applications does not work as you mentioned. It still allows the user to create releases beyond the Agreed Quantity.

              Prasad Dhanakodi