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    Oracle 8i to PHP 5


      What is the easiest way to connect Oracle 8i to PHP 5? Our database is Oracle and we just decided to use PHP as our front end. I heard ODBC is possible -- is this the easiest way? Or use 10g libraries on my PHP? I don't know.. please give me some advice..

      thank you
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          As far as I can recollect, PHP5 has an oracle access module, called "OCI8". I am not sure whether it supports oracle8, but oracle8 is very, very old.
          I would try installing 9i client and linking it with PHP. That would have to be done manually.
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            If PHP is linked with Oracle 10g libraries (e.g. Oracle Instant Client) you can connect to Oracle 8.1 databases. If your database is older, link PHP with Oracle 9.2 libraries.

            Since you are starting a new project, use the latest version of PHP and the OCI8 extension. Download PHP 5.2.6. Before building it, replace the oci8 directory with the new OCI8 1.3.4 from PECL. This is similar to the steps "Installing OCI8 with PHP 4" on page 81 of the current version (1.4) of The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual