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    why get SOAPException: Bad response: 405 M ethod Not Allowed?

      I'm newer of parlayx development.
      I want to test Parlay X Web Services client application with OCMS(version referencing parlayxjdeveloper.pdf. After successful deployed on OCMS, when I use the URL(, when I submit, I got the the following error:
      2008-10-13 10:59:49.591 WARNING OWS-03005 Unable to connect to URL: http://127.0
      .0.1:8888/aggregationproxy/presenceconsumerws/presenceconsumer due to java.secur
      ity.PrivilegedActionException: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Bad response: 405 M
      ethod Not Allowed

      I noticed this occured on this API:consumer.subscribePresence(...) in MyPresenceService.jsp. I have tried to call other API, such as consumer.getUserPresence(new URI("sip:alice@example.com"),pat) and get the same error.

      Would you pls tell me how to resolve it?


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