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    defaulting flexfield segment

      Hi gurus!
      I'm working on the RCVRCERC form and I have to set a default value of the segement of a descriptive flexfield.
      I can do this only in the form because the suggested value shuold be a unique identifier not generate by a sequence.
      In the OA set-up the segments are defined to be separated by a dot (.).
      I have to initialize the 3rd (and last) segment of the flexfield but if I write

      :RCV_TRANSACTION.DESCFLEX := '..aaaa';

      I get the value '..aaaa' in the first segment.

      I've also tried to initialize the attribute related to the third segment ( :RCV_TRANSACTION.ATTRIBUTE4 := 'aaaa' )but i got no result.
      can anyone help me?

      thanks a lot in advance,