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    Position Hirearchy Question!!!

      Hello Gorup,

      I am currently working in a implementation project. I am facing a problem here. It is given below. I am unable to set it up this requirement of my client. If someone could help me out it would be a great help for me.



      Purchase Requisition approval requirement.
      We have 27 shops. There is one shop manager for each shop and more than one store-man for each shop which means there are multiple employees in one position.
      If the store-man of Shop-01 raises the Purchase Requisition and submits for approval, that Requisition has to go to Shop Manager of Shop-01 only.
      We have only one operating unit
      All the shops are considered as Inventory Organizations.


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          Create a position for each store manager seperately. If you can define your position flexfield with two segments like Shop Number and Position name as segment1 and segment2, create them first. And assign these respective positions to the employess of respective shops.

          This way the req will go only the respective shop managers.

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            Like the person before me has replied. You need to do the following things :

            1.Setup a position Flexfield with 2 or more segments. Eg. 1.Shop Number 2. Position (Manager/Store Man)

            2.Create Positions for all store managers and store men.

            3.Create a Purchase Requisition Heirarchy - Store REQ Approval, with each store manager at the top and his subordinates. They will fit in one heirarchy. No need to create multiple heirarchies.

            4.Create 2 Approval Groups - Initiator and Approver with limits as Rs1 and Rs.9999999999 respectively

            5.Assign each position their approval groups. That is the Manager positions will be assigned the Approver group and the storemen positions will be assigned the initiator group.

            6.Run Fill Employee Hierarchy.

            6.Check the Option in Financial Options window -> Use Approval Hierarchies.

            This should solve ur problem