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    Iprocurement punchout category mapping R12


      I am experiencing some problems on setting the category mapping for Punchout (XML) in Oracle

      I have
      1) setup a content zone for the punchout. In the content zone the key1 and supplier have the same value (i.e. TEST01)
      2) Created a store and connected the content zone to the store.

      I tried to do a requisition and I receive the message that the category XYZ is not configured for Purchasing.

      Is it expected as I need to define the category mapping.

      As per user guide the mapping should be performed in XML gateway. For Example if I have
      the cateogory ABC in Oracle, according to metalink and userguide i should do something like this:

      Category: Item_category
      Direction: IN
      Key 1: TEST01 (Supplier Name)
      Internal Value: ABC
      External 1: XYZ
      External 2: NULL

      My problem is that in Rel 12 the form has changed and there is no documentation for it, basically on metalink it says

      to refer to the documenation to R11. The new form has the following field

      Category Code: Item_category
      Standard Code: ?????
      Oracle Value: ABC
      Description: Optional
      From trading partner value: XYZ.

      So my issues are the following.

      a) What should I put in Standard Code (Lov is UNIVERSAL, CXML etc)
      b) Where is the old key1 field? How can now oracle identify that I want to do the mapping for that specific supplier?

      Should i put the supplier in standard code?
      I really do not understand.

      I tried many combinations and none of them works.

      please kindly help