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    Big problem using worksheet to edit data - what's happened in this update?

      I have a BIG problem editing data in the worksheet SqlDev 1.5.1 build 5440 and 10g server and personal Oracle - Microsoft XP pro.

      With the default setup, when I try to commit, I keep encountering the "Data got commited in another/same session, cannot update row." (not always, but 90% of the time). I know I'm the only one editing these records - and this occurs in a brand new SqlDev session - log in - straight to Connection - open table - edit record and ERROR - see below


      One error saving changes to table "MDD"."MDD_MAIN":
      Row 583: Data got commited in another/same session, cannot update row.
      Rollback Successful

      If I go to Tools/Preferences/Database/ObjectViewer Parameters and check "POST EDITS ON ROW CHANGE" then I can edit and save the row with no error - YEA! - not so lucky!!!!


      Now that it is in autocommit mode, the worksheet locks up for anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds after each edit (ie. moving cursor to a new line) - and the Data Editor Log screen pops up every time and which I have to close it down when it won't shut down on it's own. When selecting an edit point on text in the field to be edited, it can take anywhere from 2 to 10 mouse clicks. Now the worksheet is so lethargic, it is almost useless for editing. Our server is low usage, so all previous edits etc. were lightning fast.

      While in autocommit mode, the worksheet will refuse to scroll down - eg. it displays the first 60 rows and then refuses to scroll further. It frequently takes many attempts to get it to move further. Using a mouse scroll wheel only rolls it back between 1 and 60, using down arrow on the keyboard won't budge it below 60 and the slider bar on the right only moves it like the mouse scroll wheel. The next time it might scroll down to 350 and then stop there. Frustrating.

      When the worksheet gets really stuck, I've resorted to clicking on commit button at the top of the worsheet - which supprisingly results in a "COMMIT SUCCESSFUL" message. But if it is indeed autocommitting, then shouldn't I get 'NOTHING TO COMMIT' MESSAGE. So, WHAT IS IT COMMITTING????? or should I ask, what does POST EDITS ON ROW CHANGE MEAN????? Have I misinterpreted this?

      Something bad has happened to the worksheet on this update - I used to edit the same table(s) before the last update and had no problems whatsoever with saving or deleting. This table is only 12 columns wide and about 2700 rows long - with one clob field. Pretty simple by Oracle standards.

      Sorry to be complaining, but I find SqlDeveloper to be really useful (up till now) and all I can say - is THANKS for all the effort that has been put into it - BUT PLEASE FIX IT - or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

      I just hope I kept an old copy somewhere so I can switch back and get on with the job.

      I've complained about this before, but nobody's taken any interest or has offered any suggestions, so here it is again with additional problems.

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