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    problem with junk email filter of ZoneAlarm Internet Suite

      Don't know if I am at the right place but here is my problem.
      I am using Oracle Connector to connect to my professional email from home.
      On my home computer I have ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 8.0.059 which had built in Sonicwall antispam/junk filter in it.
      If no Oracle is not activated in Outlook (i.e. no account set-up) then everything is working fine.
      As soon as I set-up my Oracle account, the anti-spam feature crash in Outlook and Outllok shuts down itself. I have tried previous trick I used such as setting up the Oracle account after installing ZoneAlarm... it worked fine with Oracle version 9. But nothing seems to work with version 10. So I am left with no choice other than disabling the Junk filter.
      Any suggestions? Help would be much appreciated.
      H. Boutin