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    Requisition Hierarchy


      We have a position based Requisition Heirarchy in PO, where there are 3 people defined as Initiators (A, B. C) and 1 Person as Approver (D). And further we have a PO Heirarchy where there are 3 persons (D,E,F) as Initiators and 1 Approver (G).

      So D is the requisition approver but PO Initiator.

      This is a Position Based Heirarchy, where positions have been defined in HRMS and heirarchy made suitably.

      However, we discovered yesterday that what was happening was E & F were creating requisitions and they were going to D for approval.

      Since, D was the supervisor of E & F in HRMS, I checked in Financial Options for whether - USE APPROVAL HEIRARCHY was checked or not. But it was checked, so it shud not have been using supervisor relationships. And besides both supervisor and position heirarchy cant work together.

      I really cant understand what I am missing. Cud anyone please help