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    EBS 12 G  - Buyers Work Center


      In EBS - 12 , there is a Buyers Work Center which is Oracle's new and improved interface for procurement tasks.

      I am trying to set up an user to a responsibility that has only Buyers Work Center ( and none of the other Form based screens).

      In the responsibility, I associate it to the Buyer Work Center Menu.....

      But I cannot create PO's, Suppliers, etc with this .... I can only view them.

      Is there something else that I need to do ?

      Thanks - Yesh
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          There is a hidden function in the super user menu (I cannot recall, but will look through the notes) that gives you access to create action there. You can test that by giving super user menu to your responsibility, you will see that. You can try each submenu addition (from superuser) one by one (know it is painful) and try. Will look for it and let you know.

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            Thanks a lot -- once again. I owe you.

            The Buyer Work Center is clearly an improvement in the interface .... and we just want the buyer to work with these interfaces without having to
            go back to the old interfaces. The documentation around EBS - 12G is pretty poor ....

            Looking forward to your reply ...

            Yesh (ynandi@yahoo.com)