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    error "$v is not defined" in javascript function

      hi -- I have an HTML javascript header that defines a function. The first snippet of code is:

      <script LANGUAGE = "JavaScript" src="http://www.json.org/json.js"></script>

      <script type="text/javascript">

      function lookupObjTypeID(){

      alert ('Running javascript');

      // Continue only if there's a value in objecttype_name field

      if ($v('P3_OBJECTTYPE_NAME')){


      The alert works, so the JS is getting executed. But I get
      $v is not defined in the FF error console. I use $v several
      places in the function, and every one causes that error if I
      modify the code to get to that statement.

      I've also put this into an incredibly simple page header, and
      get the same error.

      What am I doing wrong?