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    oracle service bus and database connectivity

      Since currently OSB does not support Adapter Framework, what are currently options for using DB Adapter type functionality in Oracle Service Bus (ALSB).

      It seems JMS and other transports are very well supported, but how do we use DB Services?
      Please if someone can provide some insight into this.

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          The only thing we miss in the ALSB (OSB 3.0) is the DBAdapter. You could use execute-sql() to READ data from the tables. If you want to insert/update data you could write an EJB and call the EJB to perform this or Call a BPEL process to perform your database actions.

          The next version of OSB (10gr3) will contain the first version of the JCA layer, and will later support all the adapters that were available in the 'old' SOA Suite.

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            So the version of the Oracle Service Bus 10gr3 ( that is posted today does not have database connectivity. The next version after this will? Do you know the time frame? Also, Will there be a SOA Suite that bundles Weblogic, OSB, BPEL, etc? and when is planned to be released?
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              Chris Tomkins-Oracle
              Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 contains the JCA framework which will eventually allow us to exploit the whole set of JCA adapters currently in use in BPEL Process Manager. Over the next few months several JCA adapters will be certified to be used with Oracle Service Bus - the Database adapter is one of the first of these.

              As for SOA Suite and WebLogic bundling, let me explain. SOA Suite contains the following products:

              BPEL Process Manager
              Business Activity Monitoring
              Business Rules
              Web Services Manager
              Complex Event Processing
              ESB (the old Oracle ESB product)
              Service Bus (formerly AquaLogic Service Bus from BEA)

              This does not come with an application server as the suite is hot-pluggable (i.e. can be used with a number of application servers). However, the preferred (and cheaper) approach is to purchase SOA Suite and WebLogic Suite (which contains iAS, WebLogic Enterprise Edition, Coherence, JRockit with 100ms deterministic garbage collection and WebLogic Operations Control). This is because some of the elements of the SOA Suite only currently run on iAS (B2B) and some only run on WebLogic Server (Oracle Service Bus) although in the future these will also become hot pluggable.

              To find out more, check out the SOA Suite and WebLogic Suite pages below:

              [SOA Suite|http://www.oracle.com/technologies/soa/soa-suite.html]
              [WebLogic Suite|http://www.oracle.com/appserver/weblogic/weblogic-suite.html]

              You will find the DataSheets are particularly useful for giving you an overview of the suite.

              Hope that helps.

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