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    Essbase Authentication Error 1051223 after server restore

      We had an essbase server crash this weekend and were able to restore it - so we think.

      However, then I use an ID that's set to externally authenticate I get the following message from the excel add-in

      "Login Fails due to invalid login credentials"

      When I look up my ID in EAS I see it's set to 'Use Custom Authentication' Protocol CSS and when I went to click on 'Essbase' underapplication type but if I change a setting on this users and say click on the 'Essbase' checkbox unter Application Type I get the message in the message panel:

      Error: 1051223 Single Sign On function call [css_getUser] failed with error [CSS Error: CSS not initialized]

      So, I opened my essbase.cfg file and pasted the CSS path in a browser and it opened the CSS file up OK.

      I'm not sure where to look next. Regarding my Shared Services and Planning and Workspace portions, all that seems to be working. It's just when I try a Financial Report that lead me to look at my ID in Essbase and try and excel retreive and got the above messages.

      This all was working fine the last three weeks as well.