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    Interactive report loosing pagination state

      Hi I need your help please,

      I have a page with 2 reports in a master detail fashion. The master report is an interactive report with a link that when clicked loads the record detail on the second report; this works fine.
      However when the page reloads after the click the master (interactive) report is apparently re-queried from the database and the rows change, it goes back to pagination 1 , independently if when I clicked on the record it was in the pagination 3 or 11 or any, as a consequence even when I have the detail loaded in the second report I cannot see the original row in which I cliked on the main report.

      How to avoid this?
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          Can any body help with this please?

          I have tried ticking and unticking the "Reset pagination" check mark for the link without any visible effects on the report.

          Could this be linked to my query returning more rows than the 6000 limit that the IR is set to?


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            First: I realize how old this is.


            BUT, I have the same exact problem and I can't find a single place where this is solved.

            Surely, it isn't necessary to retype, or copy and paste this into another discussion.


            Now, has any one any idea how to get this done - so the pagination is left unchanged during a region refresh?



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              Howard (... in Training)

              Hi 170a424f-1515-4eb1-98cc-a0d75da3970c,


              Could we get you to go into the profile and change 170a424f-1515-4eb1-98cc-a0d75da3970c to some convenient name, nickname or handle?


              Start a new thread.  Yes, that's exactly what the "powers that be" want you to do.  Start a new "thread" not resurrect an old one.  In the general case, your situation may be different enough that a different solution would be warranted.  You can refer to this old thread for reference.  Besides there are a couple things we need to known that affect what the possible solutions can be.  When old, particularly closed threads, are re-opened, additional points cannot be assigned for those who help with the solution.  This is import to some folks.


              [And I have to type most this in because copy/paste has not been working for me on the forum.]


              Full APEX version

              Full DB/version/edition/host

              OS Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)

              Browser(s) and version(s) used

              Theme used

              Template(s) used / modified  -- (Which is relevant/important for some problems.)

              Region/item type(s)


              Okay, to your question.  I think a solution might be to refresh each region (master, detail) separately -- a partial page refresh. Have you done that before?


              Start a new thread of your own and perhaps someone will have the help you need.


              Kind regards,


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                I tried changing the username after registration. Kept getting errors. I hate random GUIDs just as much as you do. Upon re-reading the thread, I see that indeed, my problem is different enough to warrant it's own, so sorry about that