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    Error when deploy application on weblogic's console(weblogic 10 on AIX)

      After successfully start weblogic,I access console and select "Deployment".While I click "Finish" after choose the application named "ls_app", an error appears as follow.

      - Messages
      The deployment has not been installed.

      The log information from weblogic is as follow::-(
      Failures were detected while initiating distribute task for application 'ls_app'. Error is: ''

      WARN [PageFlowRequestProcessor] Struts module is configured to use com.bea.console.internal.ConsolePageFlowRequestProcessor as the request processor, but the <controller> element does not contain a <set-property> for "controllerClass".
      Page Flow actions in this module may not be handled correctly.

      Please help on this issue.Thanks!!:-)