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    Deploying applets through workshop for weblogic


      I recently posted a question under the weblogic.developer.interest.workshop newsgroup, but was informed that this was not the appropriate place for such a post, and was directed here. Hope I will have more luck in here.

      We are creating a web application whic primarily is driven through java/jsp (using Workshop 10.1). We have come over a problem which requires us to introduce an applet to the stack.

      Our application configuration concists of a dynamic web project (main project) and a utility J2EE project (the applet). The Applet currently concists of just one java class, and if we could, we would happily incorporate this into our main project. But I hear that to run the applet it has to be inside a containing jar and that requires us to use a separate project.

      * If we configure our main projects J2EE Module dependency to point to the applets project, we seemingly get no results.
      * If we add the utility project to the main project's build path, we get an error message during deployment: "The web project build path contains classes or jars which are not inside the standard <WebApproot>/WEB-INF/classes or <WebApproot>/WEB-INF/lib directories"

      We want the applet to be available to the client. The "/WEB-INF/lib/" and "/WEB-INF/classes" aren't, and we can therefore not export the utility project manually as a jar to these folders.

      The best solution would be to create a dependancy which would compile and deploy our utility project as a jar or classes automatically when we build our main project, and place the file(s) in a location available to the client. But I do not know how we could do this.

      Anyone want to share some knowledge on this issue? It would be greatly appreciated.

      * On which path in the main project does the jar file have to be placed in order for it to be available to the client?
      * How do we deploy the jar through the Workshop IDE? Do we have to use ANT scripting to acheive this?

      Thanks in advance.