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    Access to TimeManager from Startup


      I'm trying to start a commonj.timers.TimerManager from a startup class in Weblogic 10, in a way like this:
      InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
         TimerManager tm = (TimerManager)ic.lookup("java:comp/env/tm/TimerManager");
      I've added the jar file where my class is included to the CLASSPATH.

      The problem is that all the samples that I see for this matter need a resource-ref that is only available in WAR or EJB apps (not JAR):
      The error that I got from it is that the startup does not finds the object through the JNDI tree...

      So my question is: is it possible to execute any timer from a Startup class? Is there any way or I have to put it in a WAR or EJB app, because there's no other way to access to it through JNDI?

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          I solved this matter creating a Timer Service MBean in the startup class:


          Now I've a listener that receives notifications every X seconds since the server starts up: I don't need commonj package at all.


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