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    Cannot lookup ejb3 bean in JNDI

      I have a simple EJB3 stateless SessionBean that works in other EJB3 servers, but I cannot get it working in WebLogic 10.

      At first I was deploying it via EJB3 XML, but WLS gave a deployment error stating that I required a home interface, even though EJB3 beans are not suppose to require a home.

      So I removed the XML and deployed using only annotations, and it deployed ok. But now I cannot look it up from a Java client. The client has an ejb-ref defined and an application-client.xml, but it fails to find the bean with NameNotFound exception.

      I also tried setting the mappedName in the @Stateless to the JNDI name, but this did not help either.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      application-client.xml is: