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    Problem with ODynaset::Close()


      I'm working with OO4O v. and MS VC++ 6.0. My application opens multiple dynasets. When the database access is no longer needed it closes the dynasets using the ODynaset::Close method. But when I take a look at my temporary directory I can see that the number of oip... - files increases each time the Open-Methods are called and the oip... files are NOT deleted when I call the close method. Which means that the open cursors are not closed when I call ODynaset::Close(). After some time this leads to a "Maximum number of open cursors exceeded" error.

      The cursors will be closed when I call the destructor of ODynaset. But the ODynaset-Objects are members of an other class and I can't call the destructor of ODynaset just to close a cursor.

      Did I make a mistake or is it a bug in OO4O ?
      Can anybody help me ?

      Thanks in advance,
      Ilona Hohlefeld