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    Load JSPs with a custom ClassLoader

      Hello all.
                Here's what we're trying to do. We want to be able to have different versions of our JSPs and be able to switch between them on the fly. So, we're going to have a ServletFilter that will look at the request to determine the JSP version that we want and take appropriate action.
                My problem is with the ClassLoader. I've written a ClassLoader that will read compiled JSPs from a location outside the web application context, then define and resolve them. I then create a Method object for the _jspservice() method from the returned instantiated JSP class. This all works fine.
                The issue is that when I try and invoke the _jspservice method, the generated code tries to call getServletConfig() from the JSP classes superclass, and since Weblogic didn't load the class and do whatever setup was required, I always get a null ServletConfig back, and as a result get an immediate NullPointerException. There's no way to set the ServletConfig, so I'm stuck.
                Have any of you done anything like this and gotten by this problem?
                I would appreciate any help.
                Rex Chandler