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    static reference - JSP - redeploy - weblogic 8.1

      Good morning,
                I have a class constant that contains:
                public static final int VALEUR_FINAL1 = 1;
                public static final int VALEUR_FINAL2 = 2;
                public static final int VALEUR_FINAL = VALEUR_FINAL2;
                I have a jsp which contains a javascript:
                test (Constantes.VALEUR_FINAL, Constantes.VALEUR_FINAL1, Constantes.VALEUR_FINAL2);
                This feature makes test:
                if (FINAL == FINAL1) alert ('1 ') else if (FINAL == FINAL2) alert ('2')
                When I deployed my ear the value of the field is that of FINAL VALEUR_FINAL2. This is normal.
                When I put the value 'VALEUR_FINAL = VALEUR_FINAL1' in the file and I constantly redeploying the value in the JSP for FINAL remained at VALEUR_FINAL2. Case abnormal.
                If I go in the JSP and that I change the page by adding a space and then I redeploying the scope FINAL passes VALEUR_FINAL1 ....
                Is this someone could explain why and how to correct this problem?