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    <jsp: tag_extension/>Cannot resolve symbol


                I try to use my own jsp tag extension, but i get the "cannnot resolve symbol" error message compiling the servlet. Can anyone help me, please?
                This is my code:
                     <%@ taglib uri="/nkApp" prefix="nk" %>
                     public class nkTag extends TagSupport{
                          public int doStartTag() throws JspTagException {
                               return EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE;
                          public int doEndTag() throws JspTagException {
                               String dateString = new Date().toString();
                               try {
                                    pageContext.getOut().write("Hello world.<br/>");
                                    pageContext.getOut().write("My name is " + getClass().getName() +
                                         " and it's " + dateString + "<p/>");
                               } catch (IOException ex) {
                                         throw new JspTagException("Fatal error: hello tag could not write to JSP out");
                               return EVAL_PAGE;