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    frontEndHost is not configured for the cluster

                I have wli cluster domain with managed server. I deployed one webservice application and tried to access the web service. But I got the following error message in the managed server log file . FYI I have wlw-runtime-config.xml in the root of the domain be mentioning the ip address the port and context path. adminserver & managed server are in same machine.
                Please help me out if anybody knows solution.
                java.lang.RuntimeException: frontEndHost is not configured for the cluster and hostname is not set in wlw-config or wlw-runtime-config
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.util.Util.getCallbackHttpUrl(Util.java:845)
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.dispatcher.ServiceHandleImpl.getCallbackURL(ServiceHandleImpl.java:379)
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.jws.dispatcher.JwsDispClass.<init>(JwsDispClass.java:170)
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.jws.dispatcher.JwsDispFile.createPrimaryDispClass(JwsDispFile.java:52)
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.dispatcher.DispFile.<init>(DispFile.java:154)
                at com.bea.wlw.runtime.jws.dispatcher.JwsDispFile.<init>(JwsDispFile.java:44)
                at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
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          Did you find the resolution for this issue?
                    if not you need to configure a frontend host (this is used for httpclusterserrvlet) which act as loadbalancer among you managed servers.
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            Hello Anil,
                      I'm receiving the same error while trying to invoke a web service, running on a separate website, via a web service control created in BEA workshop.
                      Do I still need configure a frontEndHost ? Thanks
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                        created wlw-runtime-config-xml with host name and port # for managed server.
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                This "front end host" -problem can occur not only if the server cluster is lacking the front end parameters, but also if the client side is lacking them, if the web service client is deployed in a WebLogic cluster and created as a ServiceControl by using BEA's framework. This should be quite common - say, you have a WebLogic cluster containing SOA-like services, and other WebLogic clusters which use those services.
                          The reason is that web service client control components seem to always have SOAP callbacks enabled by default, even if the conversation is not asynchronous. When the service control (that is, the web service client) is calling the web service, the control framework writes the client's callback address to the SOAP header. If the framework can't find the client's callback address, the "front end host" -exception is thrown.
                          The front end host address and port should be defined in the client side in the similar way than in the server side, by following BEA's support pattern "Resolving RuntimeExceptions Generated while Deploying a Workshop Application to a Cluster" - e.g. by defining the cluster's front end host parameters.
                          Take care,
                          Jussi Paalanen
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