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    Ejb2Rmi: experiencing problem with inner class in EJB methods' profile


      Just wonder if someone already faced the problem I discovered today:

      The Weblogic utility/program called Ejb2Rmi (more precisely: "weblogic.ejb.container.ejbc.Ejb2Rmi") is wrongly translating name of inner classes with the BINARY name resulting in some "dollar" class name in the Java code it generates.

      e.g. you have a method like:
      void setSomeData(com.mycompany.package.MainClass.InnerClass data)

      then it get translated into:
      void setSomeData(com.mycompany.package.MainClass$InnerClass data)

      .. which obviously CAN'T get compiled (due to the "$" ...)

      Is this bug known and/or would I submit it to BEA..?

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