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    Batch script to test if Oracle instance is up on windows 2003

      I create the batch job from command line to test the oracle 10g, if the instance is up return oracle_sid is ready, this is running on windows 2003, test.bat
      @echo off
      echo sqlplus DBAUSER/PASSWORD@%ORACLE_SID% > 1.sql
      echo set echo off feed off pages 0 >> 1.sql
      echo whenever sqlerror exit sql.sqlcode >> 1.sql
      echo select * from global_name; >> 1.sql
      echo exit; >> 1.sql

      sqlplus -s /nolog @1.sql >NUL:
      IF {%ERRORLEVEL%} == {0} (
      echo %ORACLE_SID% is ready
      echo %ORACLE_SID% is not ready.

      echo End of script

      But it seems always display both lines oracle_sid is ready and not ready, do you know how to fix it?
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          This may satisfy your needs for Windows. You will have to modify the settings for your environment. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive test, but the process should provide a cursory status of your database.
          @echo off
          set oracle_home=E:\oracle\product\10.2
          set path=E:\oracle\product\10.2\bin
          set oracle_sid=orcl10
          echo conn / as sysdba
          echo set head off feed off pages 0
          echo select status from v$instance;
          ) | sqlplus -s /nolog > %TEMP%\status.log
          for /f "tokens=3" %%i in ('%SystemRoot%\system32\find /c "OPEN" %TEMP%\status.log') do (
          if %%i == 1 (
          echo Database is OPEN
          ) ELSE (
          echo Databse does NOT appear to be OPEN
          for /f "tokens=4"  %%i in ('%SystemRoot%\system32\sc query oracleserviceorcl10 ^| %SystemRoot%\system32\find "STATE"') do echo %%i