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    display application classes in jrmc

      sorry for posting here, but I couldn't find the appropriate oracle forum....maybe you might consider placing a link in your forums...?

      ...we are currently trying to track down some annoying memory leak in our wlp application that's been causing us a headache recently....however, using jrockit mission control, it seems that application level classes do not do not show up at all in memleak's type browser....

      ....is there a way to use jrmc to track application classes?....and if so, how do I go about to make it work?

      ...this is getting pretty urgent, so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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          Tracking application classes is definitely possible with JRMC - it's done automatically. However, there is a cutoff value for how much of the total heap the instances of the classes must occupy to be visible in the trend table. You can change that cutoff value in the preferences, to also show types that do not occupy much of the heap.

          You find the setting under:
          JRockit Mission Control->Memory Leak Detector->Trend->Lowest heap usage to report.

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