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    using a JRockit mdmp file and Jrockit double computation precision.


      I would like to know what can I do to understand the mdmp file.
      Is there some tool to exploit its content?

      Can I know the content of memory (for instance the object type which is the most represented in the JVM) with this dump?

      In fact, we have repeated crash during a gc with JRockit jrockit81sp5_142_08. GC works.. but in vain, as a result the application freezes.

      We can't upgrate to version >=1.4.2_14 because one of our fonctional test doesn't work with this version.
      (in an XSLT transformation, double computation are not as exact as it used to be : values like 0.0003940225 are with the version 14 shown as 0.00039402250000000006).

      I have a complete independent test case.

      Is there some option in the JVM that can be set in order to have the same behavior as previous version?

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