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    Missing bundle:ejbgen pk-field-dismatch-pk-class

      I am relatively new to Weblogic and Workshop, and have experinced problems in generating entity beans. This is the code of my Entity bean(pretty simple actually) :
      package ejb;

      import javax.ejb.*;
      import weblogic.ejb.*;
      import weblogic.ejbgen.*;

      @Entity(ejbName = "BusinessRule",
                dataSourceName = "cgDataSource",
                tableName = "BusinessRule",
                primKeyClass = "java.lang.Integer")
      @JndiName(local = "ejb.BusinessRuleLocalHome")
      @AutomaticKeyGeneration(cacheSize = "1",
              name = "NamedSequence",
              type = AutomaticKeyGeneration.AutomaticKeyGenerationType.SEQUENCE_TABLE)
      @FileGeneration(localClass = Constants.Bool.TRUE,
                          localHome = Constants.Bool.TRUE,
                          remoteClass = Constants.Bool.FALSE,
                          remoteHome = Constants.Bool.FALSE,
                          valueClass = Constants.Bool.TRUE)
      abstract public class BusinessRule extends GenericEntityBean implements
           @CmpField(column = "MitarbeiterID",
                   primkeyField = Constants.Bool.TRUE)
                public abstract String getMitarbeiterID();
                public abstract void setMitarbeiterID(java.lang.Integer arg); 
           @CmpField(column = "MaxAusgabe")
                public abstract double getMaxAusgabe();
                public abstract void setMaxAusgabe(double arg);
           @CmpField(column = "VorgesetzterID")
                public abstract double getVorgesetzterID();
                public abstract void setVorgesetzterID(java.lang.Integer arg);
           public java.lang.Integer ejbCreate(java.lang.Integer MitarbeiterID, double MaxAusgabe, java.lang.Integer VorgesetzterID)
                     throws CreateException
                return null;

           public void ejbPostCreate(java.lang.Integer MitarbeiterID, double MaxAusgabe, java.lang.Integer VorgesetzterID)
      The problem is that it gives me the following error on the "abstract public class BusinessRule...." row:
      EJBGen Error: Error: [BusinessRule] *Missing bundle:ejbgen pk-field-dismatch-pk-class. Could someone that has a little more experince in weblogic than me help me with this error because I am stuck and can't fugure it out. The internet tells me nothing about this exact error. I have probably made some stupid mistake in the code,or when generating the project with the wizard, but seem to be unable to find it.
      I am using Weblogic Server 10.0 and Workshop 10.2.
      Thank you in advance.

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