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    Errors running MyBuyBeansTour

      I am trying to go through the MyBuyBeans tour and keep running into a
      problem whenever I try and change property values for a user. The
      values never take. Looking at the console I see I am getting a
      FinderException in the User entity as follows:

      javax.ejb.FinderException: 'Statement' already closed. at

      Does anyone know what I can do to get around this? I am running WLCS
      2.01 sp2 on top of WLS 5.1 sp5

      Thanks in advance,
      Mike Geier

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          Hello Mike,
          It looks like you are running WLCS 2.0.1 with Cloudscape 3.5. The Cloudscape 2.0.1
          eval license expired on Oct 2, 2000 so WLS 5.1 began to be distributed with Cloudscape
          3.5 with a non-expiring license starting in mid September. Unfortunately, WLCS 2.0.1
          was only tested with the Cloudscape 2.0.1 version and there is a bug that makes it
          incompatible with Cloudscape 3.5.
          You can either run WLCS using Oracle (see
          http://e-docs.bea.com/wlcs/install/config.htm#1027241 ) or contact BEA support (see
          http://www.beasys.com/evalnet/index.html if you are evaluating the product or
          http://www.beasys.com/support/web.html if you have a support contract) We currently
          have a few workarounds to get you going on Cloudscape, but they are temporary so we are
          distributing them on a per-request basis so that we can track you down when we come up
          with a permanent fix.
          We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

          Ture Hoefner
          BEA Systems, Inc.
          2590 Pearl St.
          Suite 110
          Boulder, CO 80302