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    Update Opportunity Header Using Built-in API

      Hi All,
      I want to update the records of "as_leads_all" table, for that i am using the built-in api "AS_OPPORTUNITY_PUB.UPDATE_OPP_HEADER". But i am getting error while updating. can any body please suggest what are the mandatory records that has to passed into the api so that updation will be successfull. Also can any user update record created by any other user or there is any restrictions over updation of records.

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          Can you tell me, how to navigate the api in the application


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            As i have assumed your questions, you want to dig through the AS_OPPORTUNITY_PUB.UPDATE_OPP_HEADER api.
            One way is to use toad(place the cursor where you have written the api name and press F4).
            If you want to navigate from front end, then login as ebusiness/welcome. go to sales online super user, vision insurance responsibility, there you click on sales online.
            In that page you can query the existing opportunities, create new leads, opportunities.
            If you want more details then check this link.

            Oracle Trading Community Architecture User Guide, Reference Guide, Implementation Guide.

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              I solved it myself. I referred the TCA manual. Manual had clearly explained the mandatory records. It helped me and also any user who has sales online responsibility assigned can update the records. We have to be careful while passing the salesforce id.

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                I am working on API named - AS_OPPORTUNITY_PUB.Create_opp_lines and getting issue ( return status = U) for sales_group_id . I am using opportunity header table for the sales_group_id (as below)

                select OWNER_SALES_GROUP_ID
                from as_leads_all
                where lead_id = 105

                If I hard-code a perticular sales_group_id (like 100000052) then API return successfully.

                What I feel way I am getting the SALES_GROUP_ID is wrong. Pls advise me the correct way to find out SALES_GROUP_ID from the table .
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                  Hi Can you please provide me the code to populate the opportunity lines
                  from as_opportuinity_pub.create_opp_lines.