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    ASL, Sourcing rules and currencies.


      I would appreciate any help with the following:

      I need to source item's price and supplier from a BPA into requisition line. BPA's currency is EUR while functional currency is USD.

      I have defined the following:

      A. Approved BPA with currency EUR for supplier X with site X1, for the required item. BPA is on effective dates.

      B. ASL for the required item for supplier X with site X1. ASL entry is Global.

      C. On the above ASL entry I asigned the BPA.

      D. I created a new sourcing rule for this supplier and site . Buy from,Allocation=100%, rank=1.

      E. I assigned the sourcing rule to the required item in assignment set that is defined at MRP:Default sourcing Aassignment set - for all organizations.

      Now, I opened a new requisition line , I changed the line currency to EUR and entered the item. I expected to have the supplier and price deaulted to the line. What I got as a result is: the supplier data (supplier, site and contact name) were defaulted to the line, but the price didn't. There were no change at the foreign currency price nor at the unit price. The source document data was not defaulted as well.

      When I tried the same process on a BPA with currency USD (the same as the functional currency), all the relevant data were defaulted.

      Can anyone help with this?