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    Flow of Purchase order /Blanket agreement to iSupplier portal


      Created a user login for a supplier in the iSupplier portal and made Standard purchase order and Blanket purchase agreement against the supplier.I am not able to view the PO details in the iSupplier portal login of the supplier.Can anyone detail on the mandatory setups that need to carried out for PO info to flow into iSupplier portal.

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          Mike F -Oracle
          The isupplier portal drives off the purchasing archive tables.
          po_headers_archive_all - etc..

          Ensure that under Setup/Purchasing/Document Types - you have Archive on Approve.
          This will ensure your purchasing data hits the archive tables.

          If you still cannot see it - then the problem lies in the securing attributes on your login.
          The more you have the more restrictive the portal is.

          Lastly, if those are proper then your problem lies in the setup of your Security Profilie - created in the Human Resources module, allocating
          access to the Operating Unit(s). You will need to create the Security Profile - and assign it to your MO and HR Security Profiles.

          Then retest.

          Don't forget to run the Security List Maintenance request in the Human Resources Module to ensure proper seeding of your new
          security profile.