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    Problems with JDeveloper 11g on Ubuntu Linux 64 bit

      I've installed JDeveloper 11g on a machine running Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1, 64 bit. I'm having problems with it that so far make it unusable for me. It won't connect to my SVN repository (JDeveloper 11 - Remote Subversion and Uninstall does not cleanup very well And worse, it won't connect to the internet to check for updates (JDeveloper 11g - Can't connect to internet to check for updates I have JDeveloper10. installed on the same machine, and it works fine. No problem connecting to the SVN repository, and no problem connecting to the internet to check for updates.

      I don't see many people here complaining about similar problems, so I'm wondering if this might have something to do with the 64 bit OS. Is anyone here using 11g on Ubuntu 64 bit? Maybe there are some 32 bit libraries I need to install?

      --Rob Roberts