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    [JAM] Warning: failed to resolve class

      I'm trying to deploy a simple JAX-WS web service in a Weblogic 10.0 server but during deployment, I keep getting :

      [JAM] Warning: failed to resolve class com.test.TestWebServiceImpl

      and no stack trace at all. I'm deploying the WS in a warfile and the deployment goes fain only that the web service is not deployed and when I try to test it using the admin console, I see "This Web Service is not currently available". I have also followed this tutorial: http://dev2dev.bea.com/lpt/a/596 and the built war file has the same problem.

      Any idea is appreciated.
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          I am also trying to deploy a web service using JAX-WS except I created an EJB3 session bean that exposes web service methods. I've packaged them in an .ejb3 file. I've deployed this application on a JBoss container and have no issues with it generating the web services.

          When I deploy the same application to WebLogic 10.0, I get a warning message indicating "[JAM] Warning: failed to resolve class opencase.ws.OpenCaseAdWebServices", where OpenCaseAdWebServices is the implementation class of the EJB3 session bean and web services.

          One more thing to note is that I have another class containing web services that is also an EJB 3 session bean in the same package; but WebLogic isn't complaining about that class. I'm not sure if it's because it's skipping over this class because of the error with the other class or not.

          If anyone has any idea what might cause this behavour, please let me know because I've been stuck on this problem for the past few days now.
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            I too am having the same problem. My web service is a POJO end point in a war (part of a EAR). No issues compiling and deploying but..... in the admin server console, I see this same "[JAM] Warning: failed to resolve class [TestService]".... Also, in the admin console, when I check the web serice, it says "This Web Service is not currently available"

            I'm REALLY frustrated by this. It seems like BEA is missing a lot when it comes to documentation of all these issues. The whole process of creating and deploying a ws seems shoddy and brittle.

            Any help would be appreciated.
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              I had a similar problem to the last poster, kept getting
              This web service is currently not available after deploying the JAX-WS example shown in the BEA document at:

              No errors/warnings were being stamped in any of the logs.
              I finally narrowed it down to my having fields in the @WebService annotation for the JAX-WS server-side class. When I used just @WebService() as the annotation as opposed to providing fields such as @WebService("someServiceName"), it seemed to deploy without the above message. Hope that helps.