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    WLS10.x - Using a stateless EJB as WebService implementation

      Hi all

      instead as a POJO implementation I use an EJB as WebService implementation (taking advantage of the security and transactional features of EJB). It's a great thing and it works brilliantly as WebService. Now, I also have some RMI/T3s client which should also use the same service: I assumed that adding the @Remote annotation, would have made the EJB remotly available, but this is not the case: the EJB is not remotely available. Is it a bug or a feature?


      P.S: to test it, simply change the "SimpleEjbImpl.java" class (under examples\webservices\jaxws\java2wsdl) adding the @Remote annotation. Some stuff is available in the JNDI tree of the hosting instance, but it is not remotely available as EJB :-(