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    Failed to retrieve WSDL 403 fobidden for url


      I have some issue to invoke a web service from a servlet running in WebLogic 9.2. The call to the service failed with the following error:

      weblogic.webservice.wsdl.WSDLParseException: Failed to retrieve WSDL from http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:8080/wsdllocation?wsdl. Please check the URL and make sure that it is a valid XML file [java.io.FileNotFoundException: Response:  '403: Forbidden' for url: 'http://xx.xxx.xx.xxx:8080/wsdllocation?wsdl']

      The same wsdl was used to generate the web service client. And if I run the same code as a standalone application it will work.

      Not sure what I am missing here. Does anybody have the similar issue before?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Sorry to answer my own question. But the issue was actually caused by an HttpClient library that was loaded during the initialization of another webapp. And the HttpClient uses a proxy. Somehow WebLogic uses the HttpClient for the web service call as well, meaning going through Proxy and the connection didn't work. Not sure why this happens but disabling the HttpClient through proxy fixed this.