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    int[] or Integer[] array is not working.

      Hi there, I'm using wls 10.3 and some of my web services classes/methods (jax-rpc 1.1) used either an int[] or Integer[] array as both a parameter and return types. When I generate the wls client artifacts using jwsc ant task, the client stub method signature is different. Instead of seeing it as int[] or Integer[] - I'm seeing these class types. Below are the snippet of wls generated client stub classes.
      1. public java.lang.Object[] findCustomersByIds(com.starcomsoft.ArrayOfint_Literal ids) throws java.rmi.RemoteExceptionc {..}

      2. public java.lang.Object[] findCustomersByIds2(com.starcomsoft.ArrayOfJavaLangint_Literal ids) throws java.rmi.RemoteException {..}

      Also below is the wls generated class that replace both the int[] and Integer[] array.

      ArrayOfint_Literal.java and

      public class ArrayOfint_Literal implements java.io.Serializable {
      private int[] _int;
      public int[] getInt() {
      return this._int;
      public void setInt(int[] _int) {
      this._int = _int;

      public class ArrayOfJavaLangint_Literal implements java.io.Serializable {
      private java.lang.Integer[] javaLangint;
      public java.lang.Integer[] getJavaLangint() {
      return this.javaLangint;
      public void setJavaLangint(java.lang.Integer[] javaLangint) {
      this.javaLangint = javaLangint;

      This 2 classes seems to wrapped both the int[] and Integer[] array. Is this correct or not? I would expect that they would support this java types, because the old wls 7.2 supported it and we have no problem on our old web service application.

      Your help is very much appreciated.