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    XML Transformation Exceptions

      Hi all,

      I'm doing a data transformation in WLI using xquery which fails with a TransformException (See below for exception). This is happening because some data from the source schema is invalid (too long in this case) in the target element. My question is:-

      Does anyone know how to get the specific information on which field or element caused the exception from a TransformException thats thrown while executing an xquery?

      I want to be able to identify the part of the xml document that has caused the data error and I can't type the schemas or truncate data in the xquery to prevent these errors (Business logic in the source app are meant to prevent any data errors like this, but I dont trust them).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't find anything about this on the BEA website.




      <10/11/2005 12:10:07 PM EST> <Warning> <WLW> <000000> <Id=BOMHMStoManFact; Method=processes.MESDefine.BOMTrans
      form.transformBOM(); Failure=com.bea.transform.TransformException: Error loading the XQuery or XSLT for this m
      ethod: Parse error: Fatal Xerces schema error>
      com.bea.transform.TransformException: Error loading the XQuery or XSLT for this method: Parse error: Fatal Xer
      ces schema error
      at com.bea.wli.transform.runtime.DtfDispMethod.invoke(DtfDispMethod.java:280)
      at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.container.Invocable.invoke(Invocable.java:433)
      at com.bea.wlw.runtime.core.container.Invocable.invoke(Invocable.java:406)
      .... etc etc ....