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    APPC out of resources error


      I'm getting the followint APPC error using WL9.0:

      "EJBModuleNetDataSyncServer.jar": The system is out of resources.
      "EJBModuleNetDataSyncServer.jar": Consult the following stack trace for
      "EJBModuleNetDataSyncServer.jar": java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap
      "EJBModuleNetDataSyncServer.jar": Exec failed .. exiting
      "EJBModuleNetDataSyncServer.jar": WebLogic APPC tool invocation errors.

      Does anyone know what the flag change would be to correct this?

      Thanks in advance.

      ... Rob
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          Incase others have this problem, I used:


          ... Rob
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            I had the same problem precompiling jsps for a web-app on WebLogic 8.1 sp4. I tried all things documented:

            java weblogic.appc -J-mx256m ...
            java -Dweblogic.jspc.useUniqueJspClassLoader=true weblogic.appc ...

            but none worked.

            Finally, I had to come up with way where weblogic.appc wouldn't fork new javac, so I passed compilerclass param to jsp-descriptor in weblogic.xml:


            and then did:

            java -Xmx256m weblogic.appc ...

            That fixed the out-of-memory errors on weblogic.appc for me.

            -Avinash Chugh