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    deploy application to remote weblogic server with wldeploy ant task

      I am trying to deploy an application to a remote weblogic server (10.3 TP) with wldeploy. I got the following error:
      [wldeploy] weblogic.Deployer -remote -verbose -noexit -name myApplication -source xxx.jar -targets myServer -adminurl http://remoteHost:7001 -use
      r weblogic -password ******** -deploy

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/utils/Debug

      I didn't find package "weblogic.utils.Debug" in any .jar files in 10.3 TP. "weblogic.utils.debug" is included in weblogic.jar in 10.3 TP, however it asks for "weblogic.utils.Debug". Is this a known issue with 10.3 TP? How to get over this problem?

      Thank you.