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    Custom TLD in J2EE Module Dependency Project

      I've written some custom tags in a utility project that is declared as J2EE Module Dependency under the Web Libraries tab within a WebLogic Portal project.

      Unfortunately the TLD file doesn't appear to be picked up from the /META-INF directory of the utility project if I try to run the Portal project from within WorkSpace Studio (v 1.1).

      Everything seems to work ok if I export the EAR file and install it, but I can't get the Portal project to recognize the TLD within WorkSpace unless I either copy the TLD into the Portal project's WEB-INF directory or package the utility project into a JAR first.

      Is it possible for WorkSpace to recognize TLD's within the META-INF directory of a project that's it's loading as J2EE Module Dependency?

      Thanks for the help,
      Dan Turkenkopf